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Cycle Audit

Generally there are three stages of undertaking a Cycle Audit / Review-

  • Review of Conditions - a review of the immediate highway infrastructure that the cycle route will follow including the nature of and type /volume of road users on that route.
  • Level of Service Assessment – a review of the route conditions focussing on it’s ‘fit for purpose’ for cycle use.
  • Assessment of Measures – recommendations of methods to improve the route for cyclists. 

Hierarchy of Measures

Cycle Audit and Review procedures seek to ensure that design measures are appropriate within a scheme or network as follows:

  • Traffic reduction
  • Traffic calming
  • Junction treatment and traffic management
  • Redistribution of the carriageway / Reallocation of Road Space
  • Off-road provision

Cycle Audits cannot be reviewed remotely from all other road users and should be used as a tool to inform the design and safety of all road users. Whilst focussing more succinctly on the cycle users it should be recognised that this cannot be exclusive as other road users must  also be addressed.

There are schemes that could be seen to be exclusive for cyclists but these would always have some interaction with other road users such as where cycle facilities cross trafficked roads and may be designed in conjunction with footpaths or bridleways.

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